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What is FastNAC?

FastNAC, which includes all of the new generation NAC solution features, allows you to keep full control of your corporate network with its ability to work on all brands and models of devices regardless of manufacturer.

FastNAC implements a "Zero Trust" policy, keeping all devices connected to your corporate network in the safe zone. After the necessary checks are made, the devices are moved to the VLANs you specify. For this reason, the security of your corporate network is kept at the highest level, and unauthorized and unauthorized access is prevented in the first place.

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FastNAC Flexible Access Secure Tracking



No Radius

With its easy-to-use interface, you can perform all operations quickly and easily through the panel!

You do not need to configure extra Radius to network devices in your corporate network!

No Agents

There is no need to install any agents on the devices of end users connecting to your corporate network!


You can easily assign VLANs according to MAC addresses, Anti-virus program, Windows version, programs installed on end-user devices!

Advanced Report


OU Assignments

With the advanced report system, you can quickly and easily access detailed information about your corporate network!

You can easily make special VLAN assignments to OU (Organizational Unit) with Active Directory integration!

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